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After 16 years of growing the Driftwood brand on the Purerua Peninsula we have upgraded our offering to a new stunning location, just 10 minutes further up the road. Changes around the world have motivated us to offer a more authentic, nostalgic holiday experience to our fellow Kiwis. Enjoy the same barefoot Driftwood style, chic baches and laid-back hospitality, now on 110 acres of coastal peninsula with native bush, resident Kiwi, horse trekking and gorgeous sandy cove with all tide boat ramps and deep water moorings. 

We love the casual barefoot culture of the Far North and are passionate about sharing the great Kiwi escape with fellow adventurers. But we do understand the needs of this modern world as well, and we want your stay to hit the perfect balance of these two worlds.

Want to learn more about our projects, building and expanding the new Driftwood or get some interior design tips? Join us on Facebook here. We'd love to have you along for the adventure.

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